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All information about Ma internships

A compulsory feature of the MA and MSc programmes is the Fieldwork /Internship course, which will provide a much-needed practical component to complement the more theoretical aspects of the MA and MSc.
This internship will involve a small practical project of three weeks or 15 days, exclusively linked to the 1st focus of the specialisation of your choice, and can take various forms: fieldwork (excavation or survey), a museum internship, or laboratory/analytical work.

Procedure for the internship


  1. Enroll in the blackboard module.
  2. Please, contact the internship coordinator of your first focus (see below) in time to arrange your internship, i.e. at least 8 weeks before an internship abroad.

    Please, note that you must register in time for internships abroad, as visas and permit applications need to be made a long time in advance.

  3. Write a work plan conform the instructions in the e-guide and send it to the internship coordinator of your first focus for approval. See Ects distribution.
  4. The internship coordinator of your first focus sends his or her approval to you and the curriculum coordinator: dr. Ir. Mark Driessen
  5. Have your internship agreement signed by the internship coordinator of your first focus and, if applicable, of the external employer involved.
    Make sure three copies are made of the signed form: one for the internship coordinator, one for the external employer and one for you.

At the end of your internship

After the internship

Write an internship report and hand it in with the internship coordinator of your first focus

  • In hardcopy to your internship coordinator (include your proposal and the evaluation form in the hardcopy of your report).

  • And through TurnitIn at the blackboard module MA fieldwork/Internship

Deadline: within 6 weeks after the end of your internship.

Evaluation form MA Internship report
Guidelines MA internship report

N.B. If you want to graduate, please keep in mind that the report should be handed in in time. Furthermore, please notify your internship coördinator that you want to graduate, so he or she can submit your grade to the education office in time.


For graduation in February:  14 December

For graduation in September:  12  August

Insurance, health and safety

For your own safety, please check out the information on the university crisis team. Please, note that excavation leaders are deemed to send a list of the participants and other details on the fieldwork to Yvonne Haring. If you are doing fieldwork individually, you should do this yourself, using the form Fieldwork details.

Please, note that for internships in the Netherlands you need a Basic Dutch Public Health insurance in case you get paid more than € 150, see the Nuffic site.

For internships abroad, please, take notice of this information concerning health and safety abroad.

Do not forget to check whether you have the proper visa and permits.

N.B. Especially non-EU citizens may need additional visa or working permits for internships abroad. You can check out the NUFFIC site on working while studying. But you can also always check this with the international student advisor.

Financial support

The Faculty of Archaeology offers a scholarship for the MA internship of 400€ to cover some of the internship costs, such as travel costs or accommodation. N.B. This scholarship is only granted for costs that cover the MA internship related to the first specialisation.

Internship/fieldwork coördinators MA 2016-2017

MA internship Archaeology of the America's

Mw. dr. M.M. Antczak 

MA internship Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology

Dhr dr. M.J. Versluys

MA internship Archaeology of the Near East

Dhr dr. B.S. Düring

MA internship Palaeolithic Archaeology

Mw. dr. M. Soressi

MA internship Prehistory of North-Western Europe

Dhr drs. R. Jansen & Dhr. prof.dr. H. Fokkens

MA internship Roman Provinces, Middle Ages and Modern Period

Dhr Prof.dr. F.C.W.J. Theuws (until 1000 AD)

Mw dr. R.M.R. van Oosten (after 1000 AD)

MA internship Museum Studies

dr. M. de Campos Francozo

MA internship Archaeological Heritage Management

dr. M. van den Dries

MA internship Heritage of Indigenous Peoples

dr. Llanis Ortiz

MA internship Material Culture Studies

Mw dr. C. Tsoraki

MA internship Human Osteology

Mw. dr. A.L. Waters

MA internship Digital Archaeology

Dr. K. Lambers

MA internship Palaeoecology

Prof. dr. M. van Kolfschoten (Zoology)

Dhr dr. M.H. Field (Botany)

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