Workshop Career Orientation

This workshop helps international students and graduates to gain insights into their skills, knowledge and ambitions and opportunities at the labour market.

The first part of this workshop focuses on identifying your skills, knowledge and ambitions , which  will help you to define the goals for the first step in your career. Once you have defined what it is that you are looking for, during the second part of this workshop we will focus on strategies to gain more insights into your future field of work, potential employers and available positions. We will discuss methods for identifying interesting organisations, initiating valuable contacts and mobilising your network for the benefit of your career.

This workshop is scheduled prior to the information session ‘ which deals with the cultural and legal aspects of working in the Netherlands as an international student/graduate.
If you want to attend the workshop and the information session, you need to register separately for both event

Who can participate?

International students of the Leiden University and  within the first year after graduation. This workshop will be in English.

Dates and costs

Dates: see calender

Costs: € 5.00
Capacity: maximum of 12 persons


Online registration

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  • If you wish  to discuss  your career opportunities after this workshop, you are welcome for an with one of our career counsellors.

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Last Modified: 22-09-2016