Workshop CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile

Effectively presenting yourself is a vital part of the job search process. This workshop will focus on your CV, application letter and LinkedIn profile.

In this workshop you will increase your understanding of:

  • how your CV/resume and cover letter are used in the job search process and make sure they target your career goals.

  • how to compose a CV/resume that reflects your greatest strengths and talents and explore different resume formats.

  • how to create an attractive LinkedIn profile!

By the end of this workshop your CV/resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile will say "Interview me!".

Who can participate?

International Students of the Leiden University and within the first year after graduation. This workshop will be given in English.

Dates and costs

Dates: See calender
Costs: € 7,50  
Capacity: maximum of 12 persons



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Last Modified: 22-09-2016