Leiden United brings together Dutch and international students

Leiden United is celebrating its five-year anniversary. In that time it has become Leiden's biggest international studelt association. 'Leiden United is a vibrant and fun association.'

60 nationalities

Leiden United started in 2013 with the aim of bringing together international and Dutch students. Now, after five years, it has over 500 members representing 60 different nationalities.

Buddy system

There is a broad range of social activities for members to take part in. In the coming senester these include: exclusive dinners at other Leiden student associations, cultural trips with the ISN, city trips, parties and opportunities for volunteer work. Leiden United also runs a unique buddy system with a one-to-one ratio of Dutch and international students. Leiden United is the association where internationanl students meet their Dutch counterparts and where Dutch students make friends from all parts of the world.

Lucrezia and Eva

Lucrezia is from Italy; she is 24 and is taking the International Bachelor of Psychology. Eva is Dutch, 21 and studying Public Administration. They met at Leiden United and are now the best of friends. They do a lot of things together, such as going on the city trips and holidaying together. 

They were both asked two questions.

What do you like about being a member of Leiden United?

Lucrezia: 'To be honest, it's not easy to answer that in just a few words. It means being a member of a vibrant and fun association. There are so many activities and trips that your stay in Leiden is sure to be the best time ever. And your buddy is a great help. Wheether you are sporty or like to take things more relaxed, Leiden United is there for you, because it's an association that really aimed at everyone. I have had a lot of fun, even from the first day, even though I was a bit shy at first. I went on a pub crawl and got to know my group, my buddy and a lot more people besides. I enjhoyed it so much that we've since organised other activities together as well, like Zumba. It's great! So, if you ask me what I like about Leiden United, I have to say, 'Everything'. 

Eva: 'What's so good is that you make a lot of new friends, and particularly people from other cultures. That can give some very interesting discussions. It's a lot of fun and really friendly! It's also good that we go along to all the Leiden student associations, because you can learn something from all of them.'

What does Leiden United mean to you?

Lucrezia: 'I decided to become a member of Leiden United to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people. I couldn't be happer with my choice! Leiden United is an association where I have met some fantastic people who I will be friends with for a long time. The association means a lot to me. A group of new friends, getting to know new cultures, having an authentic Dutch experience and more than anything else: being happy!' 

Eva: 'Leiden United came at a time when I had the feeling I wasn't doing enough fun things outside my study. Being a member has really changed that! I've made a lot of new friends and have had a really good semester. Leiden United is a fantastic boost to my social life. I even visited my United partner Lucrezia in Italy this summer; it was a wonderful experience.' 

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Last Modified: 19-09-2016