New external website goes live 10 December

The first part of the new website will go live on 10 December. This includes the homepage, the faculty websites and the sections About us, Research, Academic Staff, and News and Calendar. The following are some questions and answers about the new site.

What is changing and what is not changing (yet)?

The new website will be launched in stages. The first of the new sections, primarily sites aimed at external visitors, will be launched on 10 December. These are the more general pages about the University, about research, the websites of the faculties and institutes, and the profile pages of all our academics and other staff members. The News and Calendar sections are also new. The internal sites for staff and students are not being renewed yet; they will be updated in the course of 2016. The other parts of the external site, including Education and Student Recruitment, the University Libraries, Alumni and Working at the University, will follow after this.

Why is only part of the site being renewed?

As it too big an undertaking to renew the complete site, we have opted for an approach in stages.

Where can I find information for students?

Students can click on a link at the top right on the new homepage, just as now, to go to the student site. You can also click through to the existing pages for students from the new homepage of your faculty.

What are the most important improvements of the new website?

  1. You will notice straight away that the site has a new layout and navigation. The new site has been designed to be compatible with all screen formats so it will also look good on your tablet or smartphone. The search function has also been improved.

  2. On each page you will find information related to the content of that page: on the page of a researcher, for example, you will find a link to the research and teaching in which he or she is involved (and vice versa). This means that the content of the website is accessible via different routes, which makes it easier for visitors to put the different elements in a broader context.

Why is it that some parts of the site are not working properly or do not look as they should?

You are probably using an outdated version of your web browser. The new website has been designed to be compatible with modern browsers.

Have you got a question that’s not covered above?



If so, you can send a mail to We will be happy to answer your query! Tips and comments are also welcome.

This first release of the new website is part of a very complex and extensive project. A completely new concept is being launched in a completely new technical environment. The launch is therefore almost bound to reveal some shortcomings or features that may not working optimally. We will have extra technical and editorial capacity available during the coming week to respond rapidly to any problems. We will be interested to hear your reaction to the new site.


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Last Modified: 10-12-2015