Universities reach agreement with Wiley on open access

Dutch universities have reached an agreement with Publisher Wiley. Students and researchers will be able to publish their work online free of charge in 1400 journals.

Broader access to articles

This agreement undoubtedly means an increase in the number of open access articles by scientists at Dutch universities. 'The Netherlands is taking a leading role in open access, with a second major publisher that is going a hundred percent open access. That's a major step forwards,' commented Koen Becking, negotiator on behalf of the Dutch universities and president of Tilburg University.

Research that can be replicated

Scientists and students already have access to all the articles in Wiley's scientific journals. This agreement will speed up the transition to open access in the Netherlands. 'In the current changing scientific landscape we support the ambitions of all parties in society - scientists, financiers and institutions - by facilitating greater openness and ultimately greater replicability of research,' added Philip Carpenter, Wiley's Executive Vice President of Research. The agreement will cover the period 2016-2019.

Benefits to society and the economy

The Dutch universities and the Dutch government are very much in favour of open access to academic publications. Open access is also one of the priorities during the Dutch presidency of the European Union. Free online publications are easier to find, more frequently quoted and reach a larger audience – benefiting not only academia, but society and the economy at large.

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Last Modified: 04-02-2016