Central heating lower on Warm Sweater Day

Wear something warmer on 5 February. Leiden University is joining the national Warm Sweater Day. In the interests of the environment, central heating in the lecture rooms and in the Oude UB  will be lowered to 16 degrees.

Saving the environment

The heating is normally set at 20 degrees. The initiative to take part in the Warm Sweater Day came from the Green Keys Leiden Foundation, the student sustainability committee of Leiden University. The University is keen to take part, commented Jeroen van Waijenberg, the University's Energy & Sustainability Coordinator. 'A day like this is good for making everyone aware that by using less gas we can help save the environment.'

Lower the heating in your office

For technical reasons it is not possible to lower the heating in all the University's buildings from a central point, but there are many places where staff can turn down the heating themselves. 'It would be great if that happened everywhere,' said Waijenberg.

In which lecture rooms will it be chillier?

The heating in the following rooms will be lowered to 16 degrees on 5 February: 

  • Van Steenis building (Archaeology)

  • Kamerlingh Onnes building (Law)

  • Lipsius (Humanities)

  • Huizinga building (History)

  • Schouwburgstraat The Hague (Global Affairs & Governance)

  • Observatory (Science)

  • Gorlaeus (Science)

  • Pieter de la Court building (Social and Behavioural Sciences)

  • Oude UB (Central Administration)


The Hague, (Global Affairs & Governance)

  • Schouwburgstraat

  • Anna  van Buerenplein

  • Stichthage

  • Lange Voorhout

  • Lange Houtstraat


Curious about how to reduce your energy costs? On 5 February in the morning there will be experts on site to give you tips about how to save energy.

(28 January 2016)

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Last Modified: 01-02-2016