Social Student Clubs

Leiden has a rich student life, where students can become a member of numerous social student clubs (studentenverenigingen). In these, students have the opportunity to develop their organisational, communicative and social skills to complement their academic curriculum. Although Leiden University provides financial support and facilities for the student associations, they are independent and are run by students.


Augustinus is one of the largest student associations. Augustinus is a centuries-old student association located in a monumental building on the beautiful Rapenburg canal.

In many ways, Augustinus is a unique student association. It has a 'restaurant' where both members and non-members, can have dinner.

Augustinus has a very diverse weekly programme. On Thursday nights, non-members are welcome, without the need to be introduced by a member. On this evening, the cultural committee (AOD) presents a cultural programme to interested students. The programme varies from debating to films, from cabaret to poetry. 

International student membership
On other week nights, non-members can be introduced by Augustinus members up to a maximum of five times per year. The weekly student disco parties on Fridays are well known. Every year, 25 international students have the opportunity to become an Augustinus-Erasmus member. Augustinus-Erasmus members can visit Augustinus on Friday nights, without restrictions, during a five-month period. In addition, there is a special membership available for international students. For more information about the Augustinus Erasmus membership or about Augustinus in general, please feel free to contact the Board of Augustinus.
For more information. please check the website Augustinus (in Dutch) or email


Catena is a medium-sized, fun-loving student association. Although it offers many activities to its members (as most student clubs do), it is the only student club that imposes no obligations on its members. The only rule, as Catena puts it, is to be yourself. A typical member is someone who is capable of standing on his/her own feet with a non-conformist point of view.

It depends on the members themselves what role Catena fulfils in their lives. If you like to drink and party all night long: no problem. But if you are looking for more at our student association, we have it. Catena has a lot of committees on offer. One of our principles is that these committees are made up of volunteers. Computer facilities are available to all members, enabling them to work on their academic papers, but also to play games for fun.    


Being a member means that you are welcome every day (on weekdays from 2 p.m. till late and during the weekend from 9 p.m. till late). On Monday to Friday you can have dinner at our mensa (restaurant) if there is a cook, and if you call before 4 pm. If you are interested in joining Catena or simply want more information, feel free to drop by any afternoon or contact us.
For more information. please check the website Catena (in Dutch) or email.


Minerva, the result of a merger between the Leidsch Studenten Corps (1839) (Leiden student fraternity) and the Vereeniging voor Vrouwelijke Studenten Leiden (1900) (Leiden student association for female students), is the oldest and, with 1,750 members, largest student association in Leiden. It is also the most traditional one, and its "mores" (Latin for traditional customs) play an important role in the life of this student association. Minerva has its own building (sociëteit), which is the oldest in the Netherlands. It is located at Breestraat 50 and only admits members.

International students are welcome to visit Minerva during parties that are open for all students, such as our intro-parties. When you want to visit Minerva more often, you should consider to become an International Member at Minerva!
International Membership
At Minerva it is possible for international students to become an international member. The applicant has to be a foreign student, enrolled in an academic program offered by the Universiteit Leiden, or a comparable educational institution in The Netherlands. This academic program needs to last for at least six months. As international member you are welcome to visit all are activities (except when we have our assemblies or during the introduction period for the first years). The International Membership also includes access to student disco “HiFi” and the ability to become a member of one of Minerva’s sub-associations, which focus on subject such as sports, music or other special interest. If you are interested, please contact the Assessor Secundus (, who will be happy to provide you all necessary information or give you the contract for the International Membership.


Quintus has become one of the largest associations in Leiden. Their slogan is "Diversity and Tolerance". The members are organised in fraternities, sororities and mixed societies (disputen). This means that every year new prospective members join one of the 27 existing societies. Each society has its own evening on which the members gather at Quintus to have a drink and chat. This can be either on Monday or Thursday from 21.00 until closing time.
The committees organise all the activities at Quintus. Such activities include, for example, special parties, cultural evenings, external events and a Christmas dinner. Every member can join a committee in order to contribute to the realisation of special events. Quintus is open from Monday through Friday from 10.00 am until closing time. Non-members may be introduced five times a year. Apart from the societies, Quintus has several sport clubs and organising committees. There are clubs for tennis, hockey, horseback riding, golf and debating.


Quintus has its own restaurant, which is open from Monday to Thursday for both members and non-members. The food is very good and you can eat here for a low price. If you have any questions or if you want to visit Quintus some time, just call, write or e-mail.
For more information. please check the website Quintus (in Dutch) or email


SSR is a general student association which has been in existence for about 100 years. SSR's members are a varied group, with a wide range of interests. This diversity provides extra space to create and explore your own potential. 

You are welcome to stop by for a cup of coffee or to help organise and prepare specific activities, which take place during the night. However, most activities start at night. Over the past year SSR hosted a couple of famous Dutch writers, political debates, social events and many cultural evenings. Evenings about African dance, lectures on psychology and massage have also been organised in the past. Besides these more serious aspects of SSR, time is also reserved for having a drink, relaxing and throwing a party. 

You can visit SSR three times without charge after being introduced by a member, before deciding whether or not you want to join.
For more information. please check the website SSR (in Dutch) or email

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