Challenge and personal development

It goes without saying that while you are a student you will spend most of your time studying. But you can do much more! All these extra activities contribute to your personal development and prepare you for your career. If you want to work on your CV in a fun and meaningful way.

Active as a Board Member / administrative activities

Making friends, working together, building a network, practising your skills and adding practical experience to your CV: these are all advantages of being active in the Board of a study or student organisation, a university committee or a co-participation council.

As an active Board Member you can be assigned such jobs as recruiting sponsors, taing part in the auditing committee, text editing and organising conferences, corporate visits or trips abroad. And, of course, there is more to it than just hard work: being a Board Member also means parties, drinks, galas, trips and sports competitions.
As an active Board Member you can claim a Board Membership grant.

Study & student organisations

Student co-participation

Co-participation is an important democratic right. There are several levels (department, faculty, university or national) at which you can help decide and advise on all matters related to the education at Leiden University and how the university is organised. You can learn a lot.
You are also entitled to a Board Membership grant.


Not all programmes include a mandatory internship in their curriculum. Even if your programme doesn’t require it, you might still want to consider an internship. This is usually the most relevant practical experience you can obtain during your studies.
Arranging an internship

Honours Academy

If you are looking for a bigger challenge during your bachelor’s or master’s, it would be worth considering the Honours college or the Leiden Leadership Programme.
The Honours Academy offers talented and motivated students (pre-university, BA and MA) every opportunity during their studies to develop the talents they need to become future leaders. The Honours Academy offers an extra-curricular programme for every stage of your studies: For pre-university pupils there is the Pre-University College, for bachelor’s students the Honours College and for master’s students the Leiden Leadership Programme.

At the moment the programmes are only offered in Dutch: Honours Academy.
English language programmes are currently being developed.

Studying Abroad

A stay at a foreign university is a fun experience; it’s good for your personal development and looks great on your CV.
Study abroad during your study

Summer schools in Leiden or abroad

Attending a summer school is great fun, and also looks good on your CV.
Most summers schools take no more than four weeks and are perfectly manageable in the summer period. 
Summers schools 

Last Modified: 04-07-2017