Request for postponement of graduation

You have received an email with the message ‘You can graduate’, but you don’t yet want to graduate. Find out here when you may (and may not) request postponement of graduation and the conditions you have to meet to do so. You can also find the necessary online form.

Arranging your graduation

If you wish to graduate you will be expected to take care of a few matters with the administration of your study programme. Each faculty has different rules and procedures for arranging your graduation. You can find more information in this overview.

Graduation ceremony

After successful completion of the programme, all degree students are presented with their diploma either during a graduation ceremony held in the Academy Building or in their own faculties.

Legalisation of Dutch Diplomas

It may be necessary to prove the legal status of your diploma. If you would like to continue your studies outside the Netherlands, for instance, you will have to be able to provide a legalised educational document, namely your diploma or certificate, at the place of education abroad. You can have your diploma or certificate legalised by the DUO-IB Group.

Last check before leaving Leiden

There are a number of matters you need to take care of before leaving the Netherlands. The following checklist provides a useful overview of what to do and where to go before you say goodbye to us.