Complaints & appeals

Ombuds officer for students, confidential counsellor on undesirable behaviour & complaints desk.

Confidential counsellor on undesirable behaviour
If you are experiencing undesirable behaviour, such as sexual harassment, aggression, violence or discrimination, you can turn to the confidential counsellor.

Ombuds officer for students
Most complaints relate to the service provided by staff of faculties or central services. Generally it is a matter of inadequate information or unsatisfactory treatment, for example by study advisers, or problems of admission and registration relating to Student and Educational Affairs.

Complaints desk
You can use this digital desk to process your complaint or appeal or objection against a decision. Complaints, appeals or objections should be submitted in accordance with the relevant regulations, and not through this information desk!  
Complaints co-ordinator
If a complaint does not fall under any of a specific regulation covered by the Ombudsperson,the Confidential Counsellor or the (Complaints) Committee for Undesirable Behaviour or Scientific Integrity, then the complaints co-ordinator of the Faculty or the Institute with which you are registered as a student will handle your complaint.

Last Modified: 05-07-2017