Study skills

Workshop Mind Mapping

The Mind Mapping workshop teaches you to effectively deal with a lot of information, so you need stress less during your studies.

Thesis writing do's and don'ts

Are you getting ready to write your thesis? Are you unsure of how to go about it? Visit the workshop Thesis Writing: Do’s & Don’ts to be well prepared!  There are many reasons for students to struggle with writing a thesis. Procrastination, writing difficulties, perfectionism, difficulty with delimiting the material and communication difficulties with the supervisor are some common obstacles encountered by students.

Active Learning - Strategic Studying

Your grades are falling, but you don’t know why? Confused by what is happening in class? Spending far too much time studying? Discover some strategic learning skills which are valuable for success at Leiden University.

Time Management

Do you find that your time just slips away? Do you need to develop more discipline? Would you like to worry less about your study? Don’t miss this workshop…