Active Learning - Strategic Studying

Your grades are falling, but you don’t know why? Confused by what is happening in class? Spending far too much time studying? Discover some strategic learning skills which are valuable for success at Leiden University.

Strategic studying

Cultures differ in their approach to learning. This workshop introduces strategic studying skills – an important part of the Dutch approach. Strategic reading helps you become focused and selective in how you study. This can improve your grades and, as a bonus, reduce the amount of time you spend studying.

Who can attend?

This workshop is expecially useful for international master's and later year bachelor's students.

What will you learn and discover?

You learn how to:

  • Be selective in how you approach information
  • Be aware of your learning goals
  • Ask questions about what you are reading
  • Deal with large amounts of reading material
  • Improve your note-taking

More information

Where: Student Centre Plexus, Kaiserstraat 25, Leiden
Cost: EURO 7.50
When: See calendar
Participants: Maximum 12

Last Modified: 08-12-2015