Study progress / Study delay

Study delay and BSA, causes of study delay, study programme switch and improving your study approach.

Study delay

If you encounter a study delay you should immediately report this to the Study Adviser. Together with the Study Adviser, you can discuss how best to catch up. You will in any case have to organise a number of things.
Study Advisers

Study delay and BSA

Does your study delay have consequences for the Binding Study Advice (BSA) and are there exceptional personal circumstances?
The Leiden study system with Binding Study Advice

Study delay and residence permit students

In order to retain your residence permit, your educational progress must be adequate. As a student, you must attain at least half of the number of study points per study year. Leiden University will check this at the end of every study year. If your progress is inadequate, the IND can withdraw your residence permit.
Personal circumstances, study delay and residence permit students

Causes of study delay

There may be a number of reasons why students encounter study delays. Depending on the reason, there are different ways of dealing with the study delay.
Causes of study delay

Study switch

Are you doubting your choice of study programme or are you forced by circumstances to switch to another programme? If so, you can consult one of the Career Advisers. They can help you to select a new study programme.  Doubts about your choice of study programme

Improving your study approach

Do you want to improve your study approach to avoid accumulating more study delay? 
Dealing with study problems

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